Dr. Feldman Creates a New Paradigm in Manual Medicine

Quick Release TechniqueTM is the most recent, and most expansive development in Positional Release History because it is fast. No more 90 second wait – and can be easiy applied to any chiropractic or physiotherapeutic technique.

Here is how I came across this amazing discovery:

In the summer of 2022 I was teaching a group of chiropractors in an office of a colleague, Stefan Cohen,DC.  Stefan is one of those chiropractors who likes gadgets and he had all sorts of vibration and impulse tools at hand.  I had wondered if the impulse instruments, which stimulate the Golgi tendon organs could be coordinated with positional releases to lesson the time the muscle spindles needed to reset. We tried it on several subluxation and extremity dysfunctions and it released instantly and reset the complex back to normal decidedly better than just instrument stimulation of the GTO’s alone.  I went back to my clinic and tried various positions of Golgi stimulation with  a digital thrust, an Activator, an Integrator and a motorized impulse device.  I learned what angles worked the best on what subluxations and vowed I would teach this to everyone I could.  What I was before grunting and straining to adjust went away instantly with a little turn of the body and a click or flick into the right area!”

If you are interested in learning KinEase Release Methods and Quick Release Technique please look at our Live, Webinar and Online Course offerings.  Add years to your career life and make each day easier and safer for you and your patients!

For a window into the science behind Quick Release Technique, click here

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