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Releasing Subluxations Through Ease and Comfort:

The history, science, practical principles and a bit of philosophy on gently untangling somatic dysfunction via positional release

What you will learn​

  • Why most subluxations occur ​
  • Why adjusting into the line of greatest resistance works ​
  • Why slackening into the line of least resistance and greatest ease also releases subluxations.​
  • The advantages and disadvantages of both​
  • How to use reciprocal inhibition to your advantage​
  • How to figure out how to release subluxations through comfort​
  • How to do that using just common sense​
  • How to do that “By the book”.​

Korr´s “Facilitated Segment” aka Subluxation aka Somatic Dysfunction​

How the Golgi Tendon Organ breaks the cycle of spasm

How can you incorporate positional release into your practice?​

Positional Release techniques are like family therapy for the subluxation complex

Lawrence Jones, DO’s accidental discovery

What are 2 basic methods to correct subluxations? ​

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